What is Renting?

Renting is totally different than buying or leasing a home. Many people prefer renting because it relieves them of many responsibilities when it comes to the up keep of the property. The property owner does expect the renter to maintain and keep the home in good condition. A renter is not expected to do any major repairs but expected to keep the house or apartment in good condition when it comes to the walls, flooring, and appliances. Normally a renter provides their own furniture but not the appliances. It is much easier to be a renter.

Apartment Renting

Most people who rent an apartment are expected to keep the apartment reasonably clean. Pay the rent on time and not move other people into the premises. A renter does not own property and may not take the liberty of renting out sections of their apartment. Since the renter is not the owner they are usually not permitted to paint or do any remodeling on the inside of their apartment. This must be done by the owner of the apartment. The renter may have to pay the utilities unless there is an agreement between them and the owner. The renter is not expected to pay any property taxes.

House Renting

While renting a house is similar to renting an apartment there are some different requirements for the renter and the owner. Often the property may have a lawn and it has to be decided who is responsible for the up keep of the outside of the property. The owner may or may not permit pets in the property. It is required to fix any items that get broken like windows etc. if the renter has done the damage. The homeowner (house for sale in ashford kent) is required to fix things like plumbing, electrical, or damage to property because of storms. The renter may want to look into renter’s insurance for the protection of their personal properties.


It is always important when renting property to have a contract or lease agreement. This will help both the renter and the landlord to know who is responsible for any damaged items. Most landlords require a security deposit on their property so that they can use it if necessary to replace or repair broken items in the house by the renter. Renting is convenient for the renter but they must understand they will not ever own the property no matter how long they live at the residents. This is true for an apartment or a house.